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Weal House Today

Weal House today holds many facets of the Women’s League and its history, from their activities and facilities to aspects of the League’s past.


Friday Mornings: One of the most popular activities (which also acts as a fundraising) is the weekly friday morning coffee morning and market at Weal House. It has been a popular aspect of the League’s HQ for many years. It is a great place to start if you would like to know more about this exceptional organisation! Here members and guests meet, shop and enjoy good companionship along with their coffee.


Since 1982 every Friday morning has seen a gathering of over a hundred members who come to shop at the Produce Stall and individual stalls where members sell their own goods and handicrafts. Coffee and cakes are provided by Nairobi Branches in turn, and their sale swells funds as well as body figures! No matter your age or nationality, you are most welcome. New to Kenya or a long time resident, we would love to meet you!

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The Library: There is an excellent lending Library at EAWL Headquarters that is open on Friday morning from 9:30am until 12:15pm. A volunteer Library Committee runs this. A special feature is a selection of books in extra large print for the partially sighted.


Embroidered Panels: HQ also houses a collection of reproductions of the 1958 “National Embroideries” Panel’s (as the originals hang in the Long Gallery of the Parliament Buildings). In 1998, to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the EAWL, each branch produced a beautiful tapestry that hangs alongside the 1958 reproductions in Weal House.


Golden Jubilee Scrapbooks: To commemorate the League's Golden Jubilee, Branches were asked to produce a Scrapbook of their District. The books, which were not actually finished until 1969, were to contain an account of the geography, flora and fauna of the districts, memories of early settlers and the history of the development of the district, also brief histories of the EAWL Branch. The beautiful covers, for which a competition was held, included embroideries, paintings and collages of dried flowers. These are also kept on display in Anderson Hall.

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