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Nandi Hills Branch

On Wednesday 19th February 1958 the first meeting of the Nandi Hills Branch was held at the Nandi Bears Club. Ten ladies attended, Mesdames P. Anderson, P. Bevan, S. Blandy, H. Cockman, G. Gaul, M. Hamilton, R. Neil, P. McWilliam, F. Taylor and M.Taylor. Sadly none of these ladies are Branch Members today. Mrs H. Cockman was elected as our first DVP and Mrs. P. Anderson our first Hon. Secretary. Five other ladies were then elected to the Committee leaving only 3 without office.


The second Meeting was held on the 12th March 1958 when our Membership increased by over 100% to 22.

The Branch has only ever had a small membership drawn from a very wide area, Tinderet, Songhor, Kaimosi, Kapsabet as well as Nandi Hills. It has been closely associated with the Nandi Bears Club holding Meetings and functions there and, over the years, donated money from funds towards the Club's up keep.


In the mid 60's the Branch setup a Nursery School for Members' children, which was run by Mrs. Gamble at her house on Savani.


The Branch became involved in the late 60's with catering for V.I.P.'s and latterly also members of the A.S.K. Western Kenya Show at Eldoret. This was a monumental task to organise from Nandi Hills but it was done for a number of years. The Branch also caters for the K.T.G.A. Executive lunches from time to time.


Flower shows were regular features, as were weekly produce stalls at the Club, we have also held a number of mannequin shows, keep fit classes, Scottish Country dancing, quizzes, cookery and dress making demonstrations, even hat and lampshade making have all been featured and records of Minutes of General Meetings make interesting reading.


At some time in the late 70's the Songhor Branch at the bottom of the Nandi Escarpment, ceased to exist and Mrs. J Brooks and Mrs. C. Wilson were warmly welcomed to our Branch.


The Branch has always entered the Home Industries section of Agricultural Shows both in Nairobi and Eldoret and now the Home crafts Exhibition. We have won the Gurney Trophy many times since 1968.


For several years we sponsored 2 children at the Kapsabet School for Deaf Children but we are sorry to have to relate that both children were also mentally retarded and have not progressed, as we would have liked.


Over the years there have been frequent visits from Chairmen, and Zone Vice Chairmen of the League and their talks have given tremendous boosts to the Branch and been of much interest to members. A highlight for the Branch must have been when such visitors were taken to see the lovely water gardens created by Mrs. Joy Mayers at Kapsimotwa, during Council held in Nandi Hills in 1974 when members were billeted from Koru to Kisumu.


Like other Branches in the League, the names of so many past members are now scattered far and wide but the fact that the Branch still continues to survive, albeit in a small way, is a tribute to the League and it's aims.

Tapestries. By a letter dated 28th March 1958, only just 6 weeks from our first Meeting, we were invited to submit a design for a tapestry depicting our local history.


A design was drawn by Mesdames M.Hamilton and J. Wright and we believe these two ladies commenced the actual embroidery which, when only partly completed, was taken over by Mrs. A. Hugill who devoted a great deal of time, we think about 12 months, to complete the work.



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