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Burnbrae Branch

Burnbrae was formed in 1950 with Mrs J.H. Phillips as DVP, but until 1959 no records can be found. In 1959, with Mrs. HurIes as DVP, the Branch had 29 members, and during this year the Branch helped with organizing hospitality for the troops in Kenya, and with volunteers to man the Forces Club on the first Tuesday of every month. Apart from this, there were the usual monthly meetings with a variety of speakers and demonstrations, and visits to places of interest.


Burnbrae Branch helped to man the Station for the reception of trains bringing the refugees from the Congo in 1960, and also helped in the Transit Camp setup for the refugees. In 1961 Branch members helped with stewarding at the "EAWL Exhibition of Historical Panels and Early European Settlement". Mrs. P.A. Strivens, who worked the Burnbrae Tapestry, was presented with a copy of "They Made It Their Home". During 1962 Burnbrae provided a Liaison Officer for the Branch for Registration of Women Power, volunteered help for Haven House, a home for European children in need of care and protection, and also relieved at the MacMillan and Maia Carberry Wards at the Hospital, so that the housekeeper could have some time off.


Meetings, talks and visits continues until, in 1979 the Branch found itself with few members who were able to Host meetings in their own homes, as many members were Resident in Harrison House; more came in with the closure of Riverside Branch, some of whom lived at the Louise Decker Home. Eventually the Branch Chairman approached Executive with a request "That as the League HQ is in the Burnbrae area, could meetings be held at Anderson Hall, and the Branch use the League's Post Office Box?"


This was agreed, and some other Branches followed suit, and HQ quickly became the hive of Industry it is today. New members have brought different interests to the Branch, sharing their experiences and learning from each other. Lady Baden-Powell introduced Mrs. Biddy Davis, a past Branch Chairman to the League.

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